Young Couple Shifted To A New House! What Happened At The End Will Give You Shivers

Many people don’t believe in ghosts and spirits but in reality, they do exist. Some people ignore these things in the name of superstition but don’t realize how costly it can prove to be.

Kara Studios in association with Manish Shukla and Productions has come up with a video highlighting this topic. Well, a couple shifts to a new house, but fails to realize the negative energies present there.

The guy’s mom sends a priest who senses some negative energy in that house, however, they take it very casually. Things start getting terrible after the guy leaves for work and the girl is home alone. Pooja (The girl) starts getting troubled by some strange incidents that happen in her hubby’s absence; Sameer (Her husband) returns home and comforts here. Suddenly, the doorbell rings & something shocking happens.

Watch the video & see it yourself!

So did you enjoy this suspense? Did you realize that you need to give time and importance to your loved ones?


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