WTF! CBSE Book Is Teaching Kids 36-24-36 Figure Is The Best Shape For Women! #BodyShaming

Undoubtedly, the best time of life is childhood during which we just play and enjoy with our friends. Moreover, we don’t make friends based on any eligibility criteria but as we grow and become acquainted with the world which is divided into caste, color, creed and religion, we also start making friends based on the criteria which we consider suitable for us.

School is an integral part of childhood as it is an institution which is supposed to fill our minds with knowledge and make us capable of understanding the difference between correct and incorrect. But you will be shocked to know what this book is teaching kids!

Here is an image from CBSE physical education textbook that tells students about the measurement of the best figure which is 36-24-36; so in a manner, these kids are getting ready to body shame those who don’t have the best figure.

The book also imparts knowledge about why women can’t run properly (disgusting) as it says,

“The bones of hips of females are wider. Knees are slightly apart. Due to this shape females are not able to run properly.”

Well, it doesn’t end here and the book goes on to enlighten kids about the best body shape for a man which is “V” shape.

Twitter ferociously reacted over the matter and here are few selected tweets:

Utterly absurd & ridiculous:

A jibe at Bollywood:

What the hell are they teaching?

One word for the writer:


Twitterati didn’t fail to highlight other lines written by the writer & took a dig a him:


However, this is not the first time that we are pointing out mistakes in a text book. Earlier also, a text book termed a dark woman as ugly and fair one as beautiful.

We have many times criticized the advertisements of fairness creams which show fair skin in better light but what will you say when such type of education is imparted from a text book of an education board?

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