Women Like Talking About Their S3xual Needs Too. Surprised?

It’s not the stone age now. Women no longer draw their eyes away when people are discussing $3x. Gone are the days of being mum on topics related to intimacy, when in front of the ‘little lady’. Now’s the age to talk freely and confidently about the $3xual needs of a woman.

We like to get down and dirty as frequently as the men. We can be quite detached and practical when it comes to $3x and can definitely not feel violated if it turns out to be a one-night stand. The idea that women associate $3x with love is an outdated one. But in our society, anybody who voices her opinion on such things is branded a wh*** or a sl**. How sad is that?

Why this crude way of categorising women? How can a man who talks about $3x, a macho creature while the girl is branded a b*****? In today’s day and age, nobody really bothers about a ‘pure’ and ‘virgin’ bride (if they do, god save them!) With people getting married well into their 30s, it’s but natural to have $3xual encounters before they settle down with ‘the one’. And why not? Isn’t $3x just one part of the whole intimacy cycle?

If your partner is going to judge you by your previous encounters in the sack and break off the relationship because you’re no longer a virgin or because you have way too many expectations, you’re better off without him. Such hypocrites tend to talk nineteen to the dozen about virginity, but would be the first one to jump into a bed full of legs. They would want their girlfriends to have all the $3xual needs and energy, but their wives have to be ‘sati savitris’.

When will men and women realise that it’s okay for a ‘chick’ to have $3xual fantasies and needs? For ages women shied away from telling their guys what exactly they wanted between the sheets, and now when they are telling them exactly what they want, men are finding it tough to live up to it.

Women are more outgoing and independent these days, we know what we want and what we don’t. $3xis pretty much the same. If something catches our fantasy in the matters of lust, we want to do it. If something makes us feel $3xy and desired, we want to try it. Just like how guys want certain things in the sack that make their entire body spasm with pleasure.

If you’re a go –about-town kinda girl, don’t let these factors take the spunk away from you. If you want it, you get it. That’s how you should roll. After all, we have one life…might as well live it the way we want to! And guys, don’t be slefish in bed…it’s okay to go down on her. Trust us.


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