This Video Of Air Hostess Laughing & Blushing While Giving Safety Instructions Has Broken Internet

The job of an air hostess is pretty difficult or rather we should say that it’s not at all so easy or delightful as it may appear to be. A prominent task of an air stewardess is instructing the passengers about safety in emergency. However, a video has gone viral on the Internet which shows an air hostess laughing while giving travelers safety instructions.

It so happened that a group of football fans on the Russian airline Aeroflot flight started distracting the air hostess when she was informing travelers about safety procedures. The video has been uploaded on YouTube by GSKStarfighter and has garnered more than 15 lakhs views so far.

The video shows that whenever she was trying to instruct something about safety, the rowdy football fans began to shout and mock her every time.

Watch The Video:

Well, at this point, we only want to say that safety is the most important thing and passengers must not distract an air hostess when she tells about the procedures of safety on board.



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