This 70 Year Old Lady Hasn’t Eaten Sugar For Last 28 Years & How She Looks Now Will Amaze You!

We are living in quite difficult times where work shifts are extremely stressful & usually 10-12 hours long. All this while we forget to take care of our body and affect it even more with the bad food culture.

However, there are still many people who make sure to keep proper care of their health with regular exercise, good food habits and discipline. Some of them are so good in this that they even beat their age to look ever so young.

Carolyn Hartz, for an example, was a fan of sweets 28 years back before she totally quit the sugar. And this is how she looks now-

BTW can you guess her age? Well, she is 70 right now. Don’t believe us? Ok, read on.

Hartz says that eating protein during meals, especially breakfast, does wonders for her body as it curbs the cravings. Deprivation is not good and should be avoided – the key is to control one’s portions.


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