The Journey This Russian Model Went On To Look This Good Is Truly Astonishing

Tanya Rybakova 25-year-old, is currently one of the most popular models in Russia, and it’s not just because she’s incredibly hot… People have started to take note of her because of the incredible journey she’s to get where she is today.

Viewing at her now, you would never believe that she used to be intimidated by her peers for her appearance. Tanya has a stunning figure and it’s hard to think of her looking anything else but beautiful.


I would imagine the people that made fun of her in her early years, feel pretty stupid now. This is one of her most recent photos:


But as I said, she didn’t always look this way, there was a time when she was carrying a lot more weight:



The two photos really are incomparable, it’s hard to believe that it is actually the same person:


Tanya decided to do something about her weight, and began to live a healthy life style. She ate all the right foods and hit the gym hard, in a bid to shed the pounds.


It took a great deal of effort and a number of years, but she accomplished her goal and has become one of Russia’s premier models. Fair play.


Tanya is not the only person to accomplish a dramatic conversion. Check these people out, they’ve managed to drop an incredible amount of weight.


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