The Internet Is Looking For Guy’s Ex-Girlfriend After He Texted His Apology To The Wrong Number

We’ve all been in that awkward situation, the crowning embarrassment, the most cringeworthy of humiliations. Yes, I’m talking about drinking and dialling. Once you’ve gotten absolutely wasted and it’s the end of the night, when you’ve ridden a taxi home and have crawled into bed with your socks still on, you’ll probably start to feel sick, drunk, depressed and lonely.

Usually you’d be content to lie under the sheets like some kind of beached manatee, watching dog videos on YouTube while eating the soggy remains of your Doner kebab with a spork. But on this occasion, some misfiring neurons and a whole bunch of Jägerbombs have conspired against you to make the ignominious desicion to text an old flame, against the better judgement you’d doubtlessly display if you were still sober.
Maybe you’ll beg the ex to take you back, maybe you’ll make a crass pass at them to try and hook up, or maybe you’ll vent all that rage and resentment you’ve bottled up and call them every bad name under the sun. Who knows? But you’d better hope that, before you send whatever embarrassing, barely-articulate rant you’ve typed, that you send it to the right number.
After all, that’s exactly what happened to Twitter-user Farhan on the night of Sunday the 2nd of April, who found himself on the receiving end of a text message that was obviously intended to be sent to someone’s estranged ex. Trouble was, the message was so sad and pitiable that Farhan ended up feeling sorry for the poor guy, and ended up wondering “just who the hell was the mystery woman that this message was meant to be sent to?”
If you know anyone called Michelle who’s been through a break-up with a man lately then pay close attention. If your name is Michelle then don’t ignore this story, because the chances are that this message could be meant for you. On Sunday night Farhan received a pleading text from an unknown number, which was apologetic and referred to a woman named “Michelle.” Curious, Farhan told the anonymous dude on the other end of the line, that he wasn’t Michelle and that he had the wrong number.
Disappointed and spurned, the guy in question took the time to vent to Farhan about how he messed up his relationship, stating “listen to me bro if u [sic] ever got a girl and she aint a hoe and if she constantly nags u and texts a lot then trust me bro she’s a keeper. Don’t let her go like I did. I f*cked up with her.”
Farhan felt sorry for his newfound pen pal – so sorry that, when he shared his account of the incident on Twitter, he also decided to launch a manhunt for the mysterious and elusive Michelle, hoping to reunite the broken couple. It seems like a number of other Twitter-users were equally invested in the anonymous guy’s plight, and retweeted the story in the hopes that Michelle would see it and take him back. I hope they get back together, don’t you? I’m such a sucker for a tearful reunion.


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