Sachin Trolled On Twitter For Promoting His Biopic! Why, Just Because He Isn’t A Bollywood Star?

Sachin: A Billion Dreams released today after a long time. We earlier posted an honest review of the movie.

There was a lot of positive feedback from the audience as well as critics alike; the biopic has all the attention and thumbs up, but what turned our head is that some Twitter users decided to troll Sachin for all the wrong reasons. Read the article to know why.

Sachin has worked hard on his movie and promoted it all the way, but shockingly Twitterati took on Sachin and trolled him unnecessarily. This is probably one of those rare moments when Tendulkar has faced the ire of social media users.

We all love trolls and they are tolerable until certain limits are maintained. However, Twitter users have crossed all the limits and made fun of him because he promoted his movie. Everyone promotes their movie, starting from Bollywood actors to other strong personalities that include Mary Kom, Muhammed AzaharUddin, MS Dhoni etc. But when Sachin is doing the same, why is he being trolled? This certainly isn’t expected and his fans are furious about it.

We have collected some of the tweets for you, which we certainly didn’t enjoy.

Have faith or not, God will be God.

The movie was awesome and he has every right to promote it. Whoever walked out of the theater after watching it had a smiling face. If some people choose to troll him for nothing, that’s definitely their loss.

We wish best of luck to Sachin for his movie.

So, what do you think? Was it right for them to troll Sachin? Do let us know.


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