Perfect Responses To Wrong Number Texts

Seeing as texting seems to have replaced calling people on the phone, and sometimes even face-to-face communication, it’s no surprise that occasionally you text the wrong person. We’ve all been at both ends of a wrong number message, I know I certainly have. Having said this, I always seem to receive the same standard boring response. One that fills me with a little bit of embarrassment and then we all go on our merry way.

However, next time I receive a text off some complete stranger or someone who typed my name in by mistake; I’m going to shake things up and reply with one of these perfect responses instead. Let’s face it, they’re bloody hilarious…


Who wears that at Easter?


Fuck the gender stereotypes


Wrong number texts make people’s day




He doesn’t really look like a Jessica


How can nipples be tight?


He doesn’t look like the princess camp type  Screen-Shot-2015-11-03-at-13.10.46 Screen-Shot-2015-11-03-at-13.11.24


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