Mia Khalifa Challenges This Player & Asks Him To Touch Her “Apples” If He Can! Gets Brutally Trolled!

Mia Khalifa, the famous adult star doesn’t seem to be sharing a good relation with sports athletes. Time and again, we have seen how she takes a dig at Chad Kelly and Denver Broncos. This time, she messed up with Isaiah Thomas, the NBA player for the team “Celtics”.

This happened before the match of “Celtics” and “Wizards” in Boston; it seems, Mia was trying to distract the player by giving him an irresistible offer. Well, Mia is a Wizards fan and so, she wanted to divert the attention of Celtic’s point guard Isaiah.

Here’s her offer;

 The tweet read, “Yo, @Isaiah_Thomas, I’ll let you touch my tiddies if you can reach them”

Mia said she will let him touch her breasts if he can reach them, LOL. If you haven’t understood the pun, let us tell you that the star is trying to take a jibe at the player’s height.

Even though Thomas is 5’9” (Shorter than an average Basketball player), he has become a popular NBA All-star and so, there are good chances that he might have ignored Mia’s tweet. She thought that if he gets such an offer, he will find it hard to concentrate on the game, thereby paving way for Wizards’ win.

Although Mia took a dig at Thomas for his height, she failed to realize that he’s taller than her at least and can easily reach her tiddies.

This time, Mia’s joke went wrong and she was trolled in return; check out some tweets…

When you try to make a joke!

So much stupid!


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