Men Reveal The Questions They’re Dying To Ask Women But Are Too Afraid

Men and women are two sides of coins. It’s basically impossible to point out the opposite sex and it sometimes drives us mad. Especially when you’re in a relationship with your partner.

There have been countless hours spent with my girlfriends where we try and over analyses a message received from a guy and really, what is the point?4d5f0a338e34cee7f2c8cbfec480113b.600x

Women (not men ) are not a code that can be cracked and while we each have our individual identities irrespective of gender, it’s true that we still  never understand the opposite sex.

I can say. If you feel a certain way – say so, if you want to ask something that’s probably personal, ask (carefully). Head games are probably the worst thing you can do to a person.



1. “I really want to know how many people she’s slept with, but we just started dating, might be a little too personal. Plus, what if she’s slept with more than I’d like to know? Probably better to just never ask that question.” —Luke, 24

  1. “If she’d be willing to have a threesome. I’d totally be down, but she’ll probably think I want to hook up with other chicks if I ask.” —Trey, 25
  2. “If she’s faking it, or if I really make her cum that often. Not that I’m underestimating my sexual capabilities, but I’ve heard women tend to fake it. Just the word on the street.” —Will, 24
  3. “How often she masturbates, because depending on the answer I might be offended.” —Gio, 26
  4. “If she ever wears her underwear a second time without washing them. I wouldn’t judge, I’d just like to know.” —Sam, 25
  5. “If she’s actually over her ex. Something I continuously worry about, yes, I’m insecure.” —Kyle, 24
  6. “How my penis compares to other guys she has slept with.” —Patrick, 25
  7. “If she’s ever been pregnant before. Pregnancy scares made me think of that one, but I wouldn’t ever actually ask her that. Too touchy of a subject, but I’m still curious.” —Bobby, 24
  8. “If her boobs are real. Too early in the relationship to venture down that road. I mean technically it’s a compliment because they’re so perfect.” —Victor, 23
  9. “If she’s ever had sex with a girl. I know she had a rowdy college phase, but I don’t want her to think I’m assuming she’s more promiscuous than she actually is.” —Ricky, 24
  10. “How many children she wants to have, if any. If I ask her that she will think I’m trying to put a bun in her oven, and I’m not, but for future references I’d like to know.” —Rob, 26
  11. “I’d love to know the dirtiest thing she’s ever done, but I’m way too embarrassed to actually ask her that.” —Jason, 22
  12. “If she ever looks at her own vagina. I saw this thing on TV where women look at themselves with a mirror, it was really weird.” —Kevin, 23
  13. “What she really thinks of my performance in the bedroom. I guess I’m not scared to ask, I just wish I could read her mind to know if she’s telling the truth.” —Anthony, 25


According to me  Firstly, if you don’t know if your girlfriend’s boobs are real, then you’re probably too young to even be around female breasts.

Secondly, why are you that interested to find out if she’s inspected her lady parts? Creepy

Thirdly, if you’re jealous of a girl that gets herself off then you’ve got bigger issues than masterbation

and lastly, don’t get too upset when you find out your partner has slept with a butt load of guys – you asked (well, sort of)!


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