Kohli’s Twin Brother Spotted In A Dominos Pizza Outlet In Pakistan! So Much Similarity?

Last week, there were many discussions about a Pakistani journalist wanting Virat Kohli in exchange of the entire team. She was literally slammed for this statement.

Virat Kohli is India’s favorite and no one would want to send him there. India-Pak are “Pakke dushman” and hence, taking Virat in Pakistani team is something which no Indian would accept. Well, all that was just a part of social media discussion and wasn’t a serious matter.

After that, people forgot this stupid demand, LOL. Today, a video surfaced online and it was surprising to see that Pakistanis actually have a Virat Kohli. Stunned? Our reaction was also same when we saw the Pakistani version of Virat Kohli.

A guy from Karachi Mustafa Sohail shot this video and uploaded it on “Just Pakistani Things” page. In the clip, you can see a ditto Kohli working at a Dominos store there. At one point of time, you will find it difficult to differentiate between real Kohli and fake one.

Here’s the video;

We can’t stop laughing after watching the video. We should be proud that we have the real Kohli; but whatever it may be, the pizza boy looks ditto like our cricketer.


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