Just 10 Pictures Will Prove That Priyanka Chopra Wasn’t Born A Fashion Icon But She Cultivated Her Style Over Time. You Will Be Shocked At What She Wore At #7

Priyanka Chopra has today become an inspiration to every woman who hails from a middle class family, and dreams big. The girl has shown there’s nothing you can’t achieve, if you desire for it!
Priyanka is not just making a mark with her acting mettle, but her style and charm too. Be it national or international events, she is a head turner where she goes.
However, this was not the case till sometime back. We have come across various pictures where the actress is seen sporting unflattering clothes, lacking the oomph factor too! Priyanka also have had times when her attempt to be stylish totally went wrong.
Take a look at some such instances, which only prove how much the girl has worked on herself!
Priyanka’s early days in Bollywood were like these!
Priyanka wore this hideous dress at ‘Umang’ show back in 2009.


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