After ‘Gaia Mother’, Sofia Hayat now calls herself ‘Allah Maa’…

Model Sofia Hayat, who made headlines for her lavish wedding, is back in news. Sofia has again grabbed attention with her latest Instagram posts where she speaks about sacred 0rgasm and spiritual s3x. Let’s take a look at some of the photos posted by Sofia Hayat…

Model Sofia Hayat, who had decided to stay away from all worldly pleasures, has created a buzz again with her latest teachings on sacred 0rgasm and spiritual $ex. 

 On her Instagram account, Sofia Hayat wrote, “Spiritual beings are s3xual..God is s3xual. The 0rgasm is the Goddess energy..Allah maa energy that created everything. It is divine. The sacred 0rgasm. Allah hu Akbar. OM namah Shivaya! Anyone repulsed by this is repulsed by how they were born. Who made you think like this? He who was our father who art in heaven has finally stepped down and apologised for taking my light and claiming it as his own. He is sat next to me. My son.. My father my husband..Vlad..yaldaboath..is now love and in Knowing..the illuminate cannot feed off him now. He has woken up and serves Love. We have already won! We are from Orion. Sirius is here. It is done it is done it is done as my will be done. I am Sofia. I am Allah Maa. Goddess Isis. Mary…tne holy spirit..the org*sm of all things in the universe. Rise up. Aho!” 

Sofia Hayat, who has often shocked us with her acts, now calls herself Allah Maa. 

Sofia Hayat performed a sacred union ceremony in the temple of awakening with her hubby Vlad Stanescu. 


Sofia said, “I wanted to protect him. He is a beautiful soul with a heart of gold, a gentle kind man. His name is Vlad Stanescu.” 


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