8 Weirdos Who Wanted to Look Like Celebs, Animals, or Aliens

There’s no “accept and love your body” argument for some people. They’ll always have the need to “improve” it, by adding or removing various parts of it. That’s probably how we got cosmetic surgery in the first place. These people start small: Botox, breast implants, liposuction. But if they’re not completely satisfied with the results, they can always try and push that envelope even farther.

Here are 8 weirdos who wanted to look like celebs, animals, or aliens by taking those cosmetic surgeries way too far.

1. The Jessica Rabbit Wannabe
28 year old Penny Brown calls herself a “corset wearing, fake breasted, cosplay and fetish model.” What does that mean? Just look at the picture. It’s all there. She’s really trying to show off that hourglass body of Jessica Rabbit. And failing miserably, if you ask me. She initially wore the corset for four months, taking it off only to shower. As a result, she lost 15 inches off her waist! Oh, and, BTW, it’s generally a really bad idea to wear corset constantly, as your internal organs don’t like to be moved around.

2. The Cat Woman
You’ve probably seen her on so many ads, you’re sick of this disfigured face, just like I am, but in case this is your first encounter with this “cat lady”, you should know that so far she’s spent over $4 million to change her face. 4 freaking million dollars! Wanna hear how this woman came with this idea of becoming a cat?
In 1978 Jocelyn Wildenstein married some Alec dude who was really into cats, so she decided to become one herself, fearing that he’d leave her. Little did she know, 10 years later he dumped her stupid ass for a fresh Russian batch. Get some help, Jo, you psycho.

3. The Human Barbie Girl
Cute, isn’t she? Sure, with all these breast augmentations, ribs removal, facial surgeries, and impossible contact lenses Valeria Lukyanova looks pretty freaking weird. She’s known as the Human Barbie, but she prefers to think of herself as a celebrated DJ and a respected… spiritual leader? If she’s the leader, who are her followers?


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