8 Fantasies Almost Every Guy Has About B00bs!

Fantasies about b00bs – Men tend to go crazy about materialistic stuff mostly!

Designer watches, cool clothes, pricey shoes and what not! Well, let us give them credit for going nuts over one… rather two aesthetic natural things. Wondering what they are? Well, they are nothing extraordinary. They are b00bs or breasts. I could never understand why they find two mounds of flesh so appealing.

Let’s find out why fantasies about b00bs !

Fantasies about b00bs

  • Bounce it up!

I am sure you all remember Yasmeen Bleeth of Baywatch. We all remember why she was simply a Goddess to all men! Men want to see the b00bs bounce in the Baywatch-style but only without the swimsuit. Artistic, eh?

  • Get a b00b job

Well, since these are something they go crazy about, all boys fantasize about how they can improve them. Probably all guys have already thought about the fact that their girlfriends or wives should get a b00b job done so that they can admire them more!


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