5 Unbelievably Sexy 90s Movies

The 90s. A decade we are getting so nostalgic about. In the 90s, most of us were kids who were thrown into the first circles of puberty’s inferno. It was also a decade when highly erotic scenes started flourishing on the big screen. Of course, our parents didn’t allow us to watch them. But forbidden fruit is sweet, so you might have sneaked into the no-no movies. You might have watched them later when you got the most pleasant of adult rights – the right to choose what you can do on your own. It’s a pity if you haven’t watched them at all. Check them out now (or again) because the 90s contributed more than a fair mite to the crop of steamy films.

Basic Instinct (1992)

The movie that secured Sharon Stone’s status as an undisputed sex symbol is particularly (in)famous for the eye-popping interrogation of the hot-to-trot character she portrayed. Every 90s kiddo felt it was his duty to torment the videocassette recorder, endlessly rewinding the VHS in a futile attempt to pause right at the moment when Sharon splays her knees out wide. Honestly, the task was as easy as catching a fish with bare hands in the river. But the lucky few who succeeded had the opportunity to explore a black hole NASA experts could only dream about.


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