5 Things Women Secretly Do But Will Never Admit !

3 – Appreciate their beauty

When we go for outing or parties we all have a moment when we check out our selfin a mirror that how we are looking and are over whelmed by the way we look. Even we can’t stop our self by saying there you go girl! You are looking hot today!

And there is nothing wrong if we appreciate our beauty!

4 – Prepare for everything

So, if girls are going out for a date they plan entire meeting in their minds that how they should act what type of conversation they need. They prepare each and everything in front of mirror before going out for a date.

So, be aware and careful!!

5 – Act like they just don’t care

Women’s generally behave in front of their friends and family in such a manner that they don’t care! But, the truth is if they really love someone they care for him. They are soft hearted so do care about them too!

These are the things a woman do secretly – Women are amazing! They are bit secretive, sophisticated and weird. But, they full of life.


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