5 Things Women Secretly Do But Will Never Admit !

Things a woman do secretly – As a human being, sometimes we all behave in a weird manner and we love to do things secretly.

But we usually think all this weird behavior and bizarre things are done by men and tend to think that woman are sophisticated and nice. But, this thought is so wrong!!All women do things secretly but don’t admit thatthey do it! Even in public they refuse to accept that they don’t do such things. But trust me they do!

Let’s have a look what things a woman do secretly but doesn’t admit!

Things a woman do secretly –

1 – Stalk people

Even if they act they are super cool and don’t care about anything what is happening around their crush, boyfriend they are virtually connected with them and analyze what they are doing what they are up to where they are hanging out. Women’s are big stalker.

2 – Wearthe same Bra

Having no idea when you last time washed your bra. Few days back? Week ago? Or Monthago? We constantly wear the same pair of bra that makes our boobs looks best and give us comfortable move.


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