4 Types Of Kisses We All Love

What was once the prerogative of women, the good old kiss, has now found favours with men as well. It’s the most romantic form of foreplay to indulge in and it’s the most intimate expression a couple can share, baring $3x.

A good kisser doesn’t really know the techniques well, but knows how to make his/her partner swoon by following the simple ‘make-out mantra’. It’s simple, really. If you’re a guy, grab her from the waist, so her chest is against yours and she is slightly elevated (unless she is taller than you). And if you’re a girl, keep your hands anywhere between his neck to the back of his head. And while you’re at it, here are four of the most passionate kisses that will get you in the groove…read on!

French Kiss:
Also known as the ‘Tongue Kiss’, it’s one of the classics of the foreplay world. As the name rightly proclaims, it involves your tongue. A lot of it. Some people find this type of kissing ‘disgusting’, because, well, they have never done it right…so, if you’re stuck with someone who hates tongue-kissing, use the tip of your tongue to guide theirs into your mouth. Be gentle and they just might get the hang of it. In fact, most men rank this kiss as close to $3x because it has the same amount of passion and heat as lovemaking.

Tug Kiss:
Once again, this type is preferred more by men than women. It has one or both partners tugging the other’s lower or lip in a bid to suck them. Yes, it’s also called the ‘lip-sucking kiss’. Most beginners indulge in this, before graduating to French. It’s simple, intimate and very effective in getting you hot and dirty. Even though you’re in the throes of passion, don’t go overboard with the tugging as you can end up hurting your partner. Keep it gentle and playful.


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