15 Struggles Girls With Big Butts Can Understand


When Sir Mix-A-Lot came up with the lyrical jewel “I like big butts and I cannot lie,” the song stroked to people in a way that even he couldn’t have ever imagined that while composing . But by the looks of things society have entered the “Age of the Big Butt,” meaning that we have a serious struggle with larger than life badonkadonks.

Heavy arse appear to be on the more inclined side as our idea of beauty constantly appears to be coexisting with a love of curves and sex appeal. From the recent past our nation has become a serious addict of ass. Well I think we have Kardarshians and yoga pants to thank for that one.

However, like with everything, there are strengths and weaknesses that come with having a curvaceous back of women. They aren’t all lights and glamour, although Jennifer Lopez tries her damnedest to suggest otherwise. If you have been blessed with a behind that has a little extra junk in the trunk then I’m sure you’ll be able to relate to these size able struggles.

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