13 Reasons Why Uni Was The Shit And You Need To Go Back

Everyone gets told before heading off to University –

“make sure you enjoy yourself, they will be the best years of your life”, -but it’s not until you have to leave those days behind and enter the real world that you realise why everyone emphasised the point so much. Despite the deadlines, the perpetual rising over-draughts and the constant mould in your fridge, they really were bloody brilliant.

Regardless of when your day came to hang up your beer bong and enter actual life, I’m willing to put a lot of money on a part of you still missing it deeply. If not, then you obviously did not adhere to the advice your elders try to ingrain in you.

Need a slight help detection why your university years were totally awesome? Here’s why:

  1. The Independence

If you fancied rocking up to your local Nandos in pyjama bottoms, an 8-year-olds pirate top and an accompanying eye patch then you did it. Who was going to stop you? The freedom to do whatever shit you wanted.


  1. lack of Judgement.

If you wanted to eat a whole block of cheese at 2 o’clock in the morning go for it mate. In fact I’d join you.


  1. The mates

Living for three years with your friends all day every day. Come on it doesn’t get recovered than that!



  1. The student loan

Ok, they were only momentary but they were good fun whilst they lasted.


  1. The nights out

Need I say more.


  1. Your stamina

Now I’m obviously not talking fitness. I’m talking about something way more impressive. You’re ability to go out not once, not twice but endless nights on the spin feeling fresh the next day.



  1. Your general drinking ability

For most of us these days a few glasses of red and a shot or two the night before would result in an inability to function for a solid 48 hours. Somehow when in the uni bubble you could drink a bucket of vodka, 10 jager bombs and an eye suicide shot and still be asking for more. Ok, maybe I took that a little too far but you know what I mean.


  1. Awkward one-night stand mornings

This could apply to yourselves, but mostly to those priceless and exceptionally awkward breakfast conversations with your housemates shocker of a one-night stand. Usually a stale bowl of coco pops.


  1. The lack of Commuting

No smelly tubes or trains to worry about. Everything at uni was walking distance.



  1. The lack of work

Until third year when your dissertation and your life took a drastic turn.



Unless you became a school teacher your university years were probably the last time you actually had a scheduled holiday.


  1. The lack of pressure

Well, not “real” pressure. You just sat back, chilled and enjoyed the ride.


  1. Experimenting

For some your uni days were a time for exploration. A time for people to lose their inhibitions and come out of their shells . Seeing what else the world has to offer outside a VK and the boy next door.


If this hasn’t got you reminiscing about the good old days I don’t know what will. Post grad anyone?

If memories of great times are flooding back why not go grab a cold with the troops down the pub as there are actually  proven reasons why drinking beer is good for you.


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