12 Salman Khan Movies That Didn’t Release! We Bet You Don’t Know The List!

Whenever there is an announcement of Salman Khan’s movie, we surely go super crazy about it. People adore him for the innocence he portrays in his movies. But there are some Salman Khan movies that were all set to be released or were half shot but for some reasons, they never saw daylight. Today we are here with a list of 12 such movies. Read the complete article to know about them.

1. Aye Mere Dost

This movie was all set to be shot but was later stalled due to unforeseen circumstances. The casting for the movie included Vidya Bharti and Karishma Kapoor. A song was recorded for the movie namely ‘Aye Mere Dost, Dosti Ki Kasam’, but was later used for another Salman Khan movie Majhdar.

2. Buland

More than half of the movie was already shot before the production was stalled for unknown reasons. Salman was shooting the movie with Somi Ali in the opposite role whom he was dating back then.

3. Raam

This movie was supposed to be directed by Sohail Khan and was all set to be his first directorial debut but was stalled due to production issues. The movie was almost half completed before it was shelved permanently. The casting included Salman Khan, Anil Kapoor and Pooja Bhatt.


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